Events Overview

The following events from the programme for 2018 at High Point Piazza.


20 June 2018
2.30 pm & 6.30pm

Sur Mesure:

Fun, multi-discipline circus show with live music – includes juggling, trampoline and acrobatics. 

4 July 2018
2.30 pm & 6.30pm

& No Fit State : Block

Spectacular dance and acrobatics all set on, in and around a giant Jenga structure.  

18 July 2018
2.30 pm & 6.30pm

C-12 Dance Theatre:

Fast & furious dance theatre – 5 guys with shopping trolleys!


1 August 2018
2.30 pm & 6.30pm

Joli Vyann & L'EOLIENNE:
Lance Moi en l’Air

Engaging & impressive performance, about the ups and downs in a couple’s relationship which is ultimately all built on trust.

15 August 2018
2.30 pm & 6.30pm

Cie Barolosolo:
Ile 0

Comedy from French circus company Barolosolo, which sees one clown ankle deep in water and the other going to increasing lengths to avoid getting wet. 

29 August 2018
2.30 pm & 6.30pm

Cie Concordance:
Bug ‘n’ Buzz

A couple meet on a blind date. One is a dancer, one is a musician – who creates a soundtrack from cutlery and beatboxing.