15 August 2018
2.30 pm & 6.30pm

Cie Barolosolo:
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A circus show ankle-deep in water? Why not! Two clowns step into the spotlight in this unusual show where the Chinese Pole becomes a flute, the water turns into a drum, the guitar and the banjo fearlessly face down eddies, and the stage... is filled with water. 

While one gets his feet wet, so to speak, the other goes to great lengths to avoid a dunking. In a production overflowing with wildly hysterical shenanigans and adorably poetic scenes, the show will leave the little ones—and their parents—in fits of laughter. 

About the Company

Since 2006, the Barolosolo Company has built a cheekily poetic and farcical world to inject some fun into life. Technical feats in unusual locations mark out this French circus company.